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Comic – Con still coming in July Despite Coronavirus

Do you think this event should be canceled? The organizers of San Diego’s Comic-Con are still going to continue this year Comic-Con. With more big events be canceled or postpones all across the world the July date for Comic-Con remains the same. Local organizers say they are monitoring the situation with local authorities and will… Read more »

50% of COVID-19 Carriers Never Show Symptoms

It seems like everyone is out there getting tested, and finding out they have the virus while showing no symptoms. Iceland has had the luxury to test the majority of their population, and they say more than 50% tested positive with absolutely no symptoms. Iceland had been able to give out the test early on… Read more »

6.6 Million Americans filed for Unemployment

With the number of new people filing for unemployment, in just one week the total has drastically increased to 6.6 million Americans filing for unemployment. Most states have ordered a stay-at-home order for several weeks, forcing more people in unemployment, and the increase on the number of people filing. This pandemic has forced businesses to… Read more »