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Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Sunshine”

Well after all it’s a “Throwback Thursday” so I thought I would take you back in the day with our Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night!  Alexander O’neal would make hearts melt and light souls on fire with his sultry voice.  Women all over the world would absolutely lose their minds over this guy. … Read more »

Biggest Relationship Regret?

So maybe we all have one or just maybe we don’t!  Maybe you were in a relationship too long and you knew it was over but chose to stay in it anyway.  Maybe you thought you could change the person but come to find out you really couldn’t.  So what is your biggest relationship regret?… Read more »

Cedric the Entertainer commented on the Russell Simmons' scandal

Cedric The Entertainer Gets Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

Cedric The Entertainer is the latest recipient of a well deserved Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Ceddy Ced got his honor this afternoon surrounded by family and some celebrity friends including Magic Johnson and George Lopez. Check out the entire ceremony.  

Fantasia’s Anniversary Surprise To Hubby!

Congratulations to Fantasia and hubby Kendall Taylor who are celebrating four years of marriage! The songbird gave her hubby the ultimate gift to celebrate…a song and video which she posted to her Instagram page. My Gift to my King for our 4th Anniversary which is 🗣TODAY!!!!! He always says I never sing for him so… Read more »