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Cardi B Disputes Ranking on “Forbes” List

Cardi B Disputes Ranking On “Forbes” List The ranking of the highest Hip Hop earners came out Thursday. Cardi B is not pleased with her position. She came in 13th place earning a reported $28 million. Cardi tweeted, “Where do Forbes be getting they numbers from cause they way off.” Meek Mill also has a problem with… Read more »


Walmart To Stop Selling E-Cigarettes

Walmart To Stop Selling E-Cigarettes Walmart has announced it will stop selling electronic cigarettes at its stores, citing increased regulations and growing concerns over the number of illnesses and deaths linked to vaping. According to an internal memo, the company will “discontinue the sale of electronic nicotine delivery products” after its current stock is sold…. Read more »

Another Vile, Extreme Insult About Serena!

Yet another media person has come under fire for a racially charged insult of ace tennis star Serena Williams. Romanian TV Radu Bancie said live on-air, “Serena Williams looks exactly like one of those monkeys at the zoo with the red asses.” The comment on his B1 TV  late evening show, was like a referemce tp… Read more »

Chris Brown’s Thirst Over Rihanna’s Fenty Photos Concern Some

Rihanna posted a new lingerie picture on Instagram showing off her Savage X Fenty brand. Her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown wound up commenting three times on the photo. He said, “I want to be the lamp” in the picture with the smirk and wide eyes emojis. Some of Rihanna’s fans bashed Brown’s comments. 10 years ago,… Read more »

Texas Man Wanted For Allegedly Divorcing Wife Without Her Knowledge

A 51-year-old Texas man is now a Wanted Suspect after divorcing his wife without her knowledge. That is really trifling! Paul Nixon filled for divorce and forged is wife’s’ signature on final divorce documents according to the report. Nixon is a wanted man after authorities discovered he had fraudulently filed and completed the divorce without… Read more »