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Avant Says Fans Can Easily Relate to His Latest Album, The VIII


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Avant aimed to make songs that fans could relate to when it came to recording his latest album, The VIII, which means The Eighth. The singer tells ABC Radio his material is so vivid that a man can sing along and feel like a superstar with his lady.

“If you listen to Avant’s album, you can take Avant out of the equation and your man can attain this stuff, he can do everything that Avant said and that’s what makes it so special,” Avant says, before singing the lyrics to Guy‘s classic 1990 tune, “Tease Me Tonite.”

Avant explains that R&B songs used to have substance. “That right there make you want to get an album, because you saying, ‘I can be that guy, I can be that superstar.’ So I think that’s what artists have to do but again, that’s songwriting. Its hard to write those songs because they have purpose.” 

The VIII spawned Avant’s first single, “Special,” which sits at number four on the Billboard Adult Songs chart

In other news, Avant is scheduled to play the Fox Theatre in Detroit November 27.

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