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BeBe Winans says if he and sister CeCe make another joint album together, it will be their last


Derek BlanksOne of BeBe Winans‘ frequent collaborators has been his talented and Grammy-winning sister, CeCe Winans. Together, the gospel acts have produced nine joint albums.

Now, ahead of his own forthcoming, yet-titled project, BeBe Winans says he’s actually a bit reluctant to get back in studio with his sister, even though they’ve had amazing success.

“We did a concert together in St. Louis a couple of months ago,” Winans tells ABC Radio as he reflects on working with his younger sister.  “And we both just laughed. It’s almost like getting on a bicycle and riding. It was like, ‘Oh, I remember this.’ And we had fun.”

He continues, “People ask the question, ‘Are you guys going to do a album together again or are you going to tour or anything?’ And the answer is, ‘We don’t know.'”

According to BeBe, the reason is simple: They both just have too much on their plate as solo acts.

“There’s other passions that each of us have that comes into the forefront and what we did before is on the back burner,” he says.

However, Winans says if they manage to get back in the studio, it will officially be for the “last” time.

“But, that’s not to say that we won’t do a– if we do, it will definitely be the last, because we’re getting a little bit older,” he says.

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