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Beyonce’s Makeup Artist Recalls Working with Her for the First Time


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Imagine being an up-and-coming makeup artist who suddenly finds Beyonce sitting in his chair. Well, that’s basically what happened to Sir John, who is now a primary member of Queen Bey’s glam squad and L’Oreal Paris celebrity makeup artist.

In an interview with, John recalled first meeting Beyonce at Tom Ford’s womenswear show back in 2010, although he admits that he had no idea that it would be the singer that he would work on.

“I was like, ‘Is there a model named Beyoncé?'” John said when her name was pointed out to him. Soon after he connected the dots, he adds: “I thought I was being pranked or something.”

When asked if he was nervous, John recalled that Bey was partitioned off in her own room in Ford’s office and he was aware that “it was just one of those moments that I knew my life was going to be different.” Since Bey already had a high-profile maekup artist on her staff, John adds, “I wasn’t nervous, but I thought, ‘This is the best thing I’ve ever had to do, ever.'”

After Bey “loved” her makeup, John adds that “she liked the vibe that we had because she followed my career silently for a year or two. Then I got a call [from someone saying], ‘We want to offer you a contract with Beyoncé.’ I was like, ‘I’m being pranked again! This is not real.’ They wanted me to sign a two year contract. The confidentiality agreement was the size of a Bible.”

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