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Bill Gates Responds to Beyonce’s Formation Shout Out


Photo credit: Robin Harper

Somehow Bill Gates wasn’t aware of Beyonce’s shout out on her newly released single “Formation,” in which she sings she might be the “black Bill Gates in the making.”

During an interview with Wired, the Microsoft founder revealed how he felt about being name dropped. “I hadn’t realized that she did that until somebody in the office actually sent me a copy of the lyrics and I said, ‘Are you serious? This is kind of a strange set of words here,'” Gates recalls. “I’m surprised — I’m not sure she said those words at the Super Bowl, though, did she?”

Despite all the controversy surrounding the song, Gates feels flattered that Beyonce considers him the epitome of success.

“I guess it’s nice that people consider me successful,” he says. “I actually haven’t met Beyoncé. I know Jay Z, because when I did some humor right when I was retiring from Microsoft — he was nice about participating in that, and did a great job on that.”

Now seemingly more aware of his pop culture relevance, Gates concluded: “I guess I should do a Bing search and see if there are more uses of my name that I don’t know about.”

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