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Billy Porter dishes on Pose season two and bringing underrepresented LGBTQ narrative to the mainstream


ABC/Rick RowellBilly Porter is having an amazing career moment thanks to his critically acclaimed FX series, Pose.

In the series, which follows the African American and Latino ball culture, Porter plays Pray Tell, an emcee of balls in New York. Porter tells ABC Radio that he’s happy to be a part of a show that diligently champions the underrepresented.

“I’m really inspired that we get to tell this story so truthfully about the LGBTQ community from the black and brown people perspective,” Porter says. “You know, we have not been represented in the mainstream like this. I’ve been doing it my whole career. I’m so glad that I get a part. I get to be a part of bringing our story to the mainstream.”

Ahead of the Pose season two premiere tonight, Porter teases what fans can expect to see this season, including from his pivotal character.

“Well, we jump forward about three years and it starts the day that Madonna released “Vogue” in 1990,” he says. “So that’s awesome. And Pray Tell’s character really joins this sort of activism front during the AIDS crisis. And so we sort of see the evolution of how the community sort of came together and and fought for our rights.”

Pose season two, also starring Mj Rodriguez and Dominique Jackson, premieres tonight at 10:00 ET on FX.

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