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Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris Comments on Mariah Carey’s Vocal Troubles


ABC/Donna SvennevikEarlier this week, footage surfaced of Mariah Carey seemingly lip-syncing during her performance at the Jazz & Blues Festival in Jamaica, prompting concern about her upcoming Las Vegas residency at Caesar’s Palace.

Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris, who is currently performing at Sin City’s The Mirage with his legendary group, discussed Mi Mi’s showcase and also warned her to protect her voice.

“We as artist should never lose sight or take for granted our gift. The older we get the harder it gets to maintain it, it just doesn’t come as easy anymore. But maintaining it can be done. Many artist have done it for years,” Morris wrote via Facebook, in which he attached an article about Mariah’s vocal abilities.

Morris notes that all artists endure “bad performances in our careers that’s normal, no one is perfect. And some may have even stuck in a backing vocal or two on those bad vocal days. But when performances like this happen on a consistent basis they are no longer considered mistakes or accidents, they are now habits.”

After suggesting that artists take blame for off performances, he adds: “I feel bad for her because I know what she can be, but she has to want to be that again. Being relevant just doesn’t do it. I’m sure one of our teachers at some point in our lives told us that if we continue to cheat we would get caught.”

Morris concludes that he “prays” her upcoming residency goes well, adding: “Trust me……Vegas is no cake walk!”

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