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Brandy Releases Behind-the-Scenes Video for New Single, Beggin & Pleading


Credit: Kat MorganEarlier this month, Brandy released “Beggin & Pleadin,” a bluesy track produced by Pop & Oak that she dropped for free via SoundCloud. Now, she’s giving fans a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the record.

In the clip, which premiered on Billboard, Brandy details the recording process behind her song, which she says represents “freedom.” While in the studio, the singer says that she loves how it makes her “feel empowered by it.” At one point, Brandy adds that she just wants to “touch a lot of people” with her new offering.

The singer recently told ABC Radio that the song was inspired by her real love-life. “Definitely inspired by my life, for sure, you know we’ve all been in love and, you know, parts of the song is what happened to me,” says Brandy, who split from her ex-fiance Ryan Press in 2014. “So I sang from my gut on that song because it was inspired by things that I’ve been through.”

Brandy adds that she waited until the right moment to drop the record. “I just want for it to be right, and I’m a perfectionist and it hasn’t been right for me in a while, like how I want my music to sound,” she says. “So I’m just taking my time and being patient in the process of it.”   

Brandy’s next album will mark her first studio effort since 2012’s Two Eleven, which spawned “Put It Down” featuring Chris Brown.

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