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Cardi B’s Stylist Kollin Carter Exposes A Fashion Showroom For Racist Behavior and Language


Cardi B’s stylist Kollin Carter exposed a fashion showroom headed by Mikey Stone, who displayed racist behavior in a group text that asked why stylists were dressing “so many black clients.” Carter exposed the text on his Instagram and revealed that Stone had only dressed City Girls to date so, “how dare he make racial slurs against black women,” said Carter.  Kollin also revealed that Stone had dropped one stylist for dressing too many black stars. “We HAVE to start holding these businesses accountable that benefit from our culture!” Carter wrote alongside the racist text from Stone.  “I contemplated addressing this publicly but I want you all to see how racist people are behind closed doors and how they then turn around and use us for their benefit. This is completely unacceptable,” said Carter, who besides dressing Cardi B has also dressed Kelly Rowland and Normani.  How do you feel about the text Kollin Carter posted? Do you agree with Carter?

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