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Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Far Away”

One of the smoothest jams you will ever hear!  This song is the epitome of smooth, sultry and soulful.  Kindred has been singing for years and I’ve always felt they’ve never really gotten the shine that they deserved over the years.  They continue to perform all around the world and this song has always been… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~

Your smile shines brighter than even the morning sun, You, my dear, are more irresistible than chocolates with rum; Each time you put your beautiful arm around me, I realize my love for you is so vast and deep; it makes me forget the world outside, coz’ for them, I just seem to go blind…. Read more »

How Much Time Is Too Much Time With The Boys/Girls?

Do you and your boo ever find yourselves arguing about one or the other spending too much time with their friend?  So how much is too much when it comes to hanging with your crew?  Well maybe it depends on the relationship and the understanding you too have if you do have an understanding.  Is… Read more »

Meek Mill has been released from prison today

Meek Mill Has Been Be Released From Prison Today

Meek Mill has been released from prison today. After five months of controversy, the Supreme Court of PA made the decision to overturn a judge’s previous decision to keep Meek Mill in prison even when presented with evidence of a dirty cop. The court made the decision to overturn Judge Genece Brinkley who was severely criticized for… Read more »

Beyonce and Google partner for more HBCU scholarships

Beyonce and Google Partner for More HBCU Scholarships

Beyonce and Google partner for more HBCU scholarships. Keshia Knight-Pulliam is offically done with Ed Hartwell. I’ll #spillthetea. Marvin Gaye III says no way Marvin Gaye was intimate with Marlon Brando. Thanks for watching #TonysTea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio.

A man got 50 years in prison for his failed fajita fiasco

A Man Got 50 Years in Prison for His Failed Fajita Fiasco

A man got 50 years in prison for his failed fajita fiasco. Fifty-three-year-old Gilberto Escamilla pled guilty Friday to theft by a public servant. The Brownsville Herald says he told the court the fajita scheme got out of control. The scam had been going on 9 years. Gil had been getting fajitas that he ordered through his… Read more »