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Mother, Son May Have Been Gunned Down By Mistake

A 48 year old mother and her 19 year old son were gunned down in what may be a case of mistaken identity!  There’s a $3,000 reward for the information that may lead to the killer! Police say, Seretse Robinson, was a longtime Ford Motor assembly company employee and will dearly be missed by all she… Read more »

Judge Tosses Johnson & Johnson Cancer Suit

A judge has tossed a $417 million dollar Johnson & Johnson cancer causing lawsuit! As you may recall, a woman filed a lawsuit against the company claiming the use of their talcum powder caused her ovarian cancer! Here’s part of what happened, apparently a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge apparently felt like granting the company’s… Read more »

Man Gives Two Middle Fingers Before Execution

A man gave double middle fingers before being executed for killing a cop!  In fact, he went out like a “G”~  LAAAAWRD Ha’ Mercy on his soul! In fact, the man Torrey Twane McNabb, sued Alabama over its lethal injection method but was put to death anyway on Thursday night!  But that was not before he… Read more »

Mother Attacks Daughter’s Teacher With Brick

Girl, here’s some Beauty Shop Talk for ya, a mother attacks her daughter’s teacher with a brick!!  That’s right!  Did you hear about the mama that beat up her daughter’s teacher with a brick, almost knocked her tooth out AND MORE… all over a cell phone dispute?  GIRL!!  A hot mess! Daishonta M. Williams, 29,… Read more »