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50 Cent accidentally broke a very pricey piece of DJ equipment

50 Cent Accidentally Broke a Very Pricey Piece of DJ Equipment

50 Cent accidentally broke a very pricey piece of DJ equipment. It happened during a performance in Miami. Fiddy apparently jumped from the speaker to a VIP table and to the top of the DJ booth. He landed right on the mixer. He apologized and offered to pay for the mixer. Club owner Ryan Van Milligen… Read more »

Football Hall Of Famer, Others Suspended For Harassment

A Hall Of Famer And Other Football greats have been accused AND suspended for sexual misconduct!  HOF’er Marshall Faulk as well as Donovan McNabb and others have been accused of sexually harassing a former female NFL Network employee!  WOW!  This is not good!! Now get this, Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor and Heath Evans have ALL… Read more »

Patti LaBelle Launches Line Of “Fancy Cakes”

Looks like Patti Labelle has launched a line of “Fancy Cakes” exclusively at Walmart!  LAAAAWRD Ha’Mercy!  If you thought the pies were something, wait until you hear about these cakes, tho! Ms Patti has a new line of so-called “fancy cakes” named after some of her most popular songs. There’s my FAVORITE, which is the “On… Read more »