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Destiny’s Child 20th Anniversary [WATCH]

It’s the 20th anniversary of the platinum debut album from the girl group from Houston. The self-titled debut album by Destiny’s Child was released this weekend in 1998. We are celebrating the group that changed the music industry forever. The R & B icon’s sold more than 60 million records worldwide. Congratulations Beyonce, Kelly Rowland… Read more »

Black Panther Shatters Box Office Records

Marvel’s Black Panther shattered the February box office records with $25 million in the Thursday preview opening. Black Panther is closing in on the four-day weekend debut with a massive $200 million. Audiences are in awe of the spectacular effects, costume and the black excellence portrayed in the latest installment of the Marvel Super Hero… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “Not Yet Kissed”

Not Yet Kissed Author: Brent Scott Taylor We have not yet kissed We have not touched each others heart I have only sat back and hoped that The other one would give this a start. What would it be to touch your lips once? What would it be to hold you every night? What would… Read more »

Can Family Get Too Involved In YOUR Relationship?

You know sometimes we have a tendency to divulge certain information about our relationship to family members and we think that’s a good thing.  Well just maybe it’s not!  This could possibly open the door and flood gates for people trying to tell you how to go about dealing with your relationship.  Has this ever… Read more »