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Saturday Night Slow Jam ~ “Grapevyne”

I’m not exactly sure what it is about this song that does it for me…The lyrics? Melody? Arrangement? Well just maybe the answer is D, all of the above! “Grapevyne” is by the group Brownstone and was featured on Michael Jackson’s MJJ label back in the mid 1990’s! Nicci Gilbert was the lead singer and… Read more »

Tina Campbell

Tina Campbell Not Invited To Oprah’s Gospel Brunch?

Tina Campbell not invited to Oprah’s Gospel Brunch?  Yep that’s according to  Sources say Oprah’s star studded brunch included celebrities like Alicia Keys, Devon Franklin and his wife Megan Good, her sister Erica Campbell, but Tina was nowhere to be found.  Some people think it may have been due to Tina publicly stating she… Read more »

Mariah Carey’s Ex James Packer Finally Speaks Out

Mariah Carey’s Ex James Packer finally speaks out.  It’s been a year since Mariah Carey and ex billionaire beau called off their engagement.  I always thought she got with him to soon after breaking up with Nick Cannon (who I still think she’s in love with) and then after seeing them together, I thought maybe… Read more »

Cynthia Bailey Has Unfinished Business With Peter Thomas

Cynthia Bailey has unfinished business with Peter Thomas.  Some people may say who cares?  I’m curious because Cynthia is one of my favorite of the Housewives.  I always thought Peter was not a good match for her.  He came across as a user, with him always getting her to invest in one of his business… Read more »

Mother, Son May Have Been Gunned Down By Mistake

A 48 year old mother and her 19 year old son were gunned down in what may be a case of mistaken identity!  There’s a $3,000 reward for the information that may lead to the killer! Police say, Seretse Robinson, was a longtime Ford Motor assembly company employee and will dearly be missed by all she… Read more »