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The CVS pharmacy has announced plans to open a thousand coronavirus testing sites across the country. Now in new locations like, California, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode island. All tests will be handed out through the pharmacy drive-thru, and you must register in advance on Within three days, you’ll get your… Read more »

Texas Supreme Court Blocks Mail-In Voting Expansion During Pandemic

The Texas Supreme Court ruled unanimously Wednesday that fears over the Coronavirus doesn’t qualify someone to vote by mail.  The court has nine Republican justices; one who said she tested positive for COVID-19, according to NBC DFW. Republican Texas AG Ken Paxton, happy with the ruling, said in a statement: “In-person voting is the surest way… Read more »

Ice Cube

Ice Cube Cancels GMA Appearance

Ice Cube Cancels Good Morning America appearance due to the death of George Floyd:  He’s says he’s not in the mood to tell America Good Morning… I hear you Cube… Read more here

US Coronavirus Death Toll Surges Past 100K

The U.S. reached a grim milestone Wednesday, with the Coronavirus death toll surging past 100,000 with 1.7 million cases reported. Johns Hopkins University said that the total number of deaths, 100,047, represents 28% of all global deaths from Coronavirus. A majority of Coronavirus deaths have come from the east coast where states like New York… Read more »