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surprised mom

Mom Arrested After Posting Video of Her Baby Smoking Weed

Mom arrested after posting video of her baby smoking weed.  Now this is going to far.  It’s bad enough that this mom had her 1 year old smoking marijuana.  But what’s worse is she shot video of her child smoking and posted it on social media.  It then went viral and her behind was arrested… Read more »


Read Letter The Obama’s Wrote To Parkland Students

Read Letter The Obama’s wrote to Parkland students.  This is how you show compassion when a crisis arises.  Former President Barack and Former first lady Michelle Obama wrote a letter to the Parkland students saying how proud they are 0f these students taking a stand for the violence and shootings going on in the schools. … Read more »

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Plans To Be a Billionaire

Kevin Hart plans to be a billionaire.  He is 38 years old right now and wants to accomplish this by the time he is 45.   Wow…Now that’s a strong statement.  Kevin Hart is a hustler.  He spoke at Variety’s Summit and said his plan is to be a major mogul. He says it about… Read more »

Will Smith & Jimmy Fallon Perform Classic TV Show Themes!

Will Smith showed up on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and it turned into a serious throwback party! Smith and Fallon performed classic TV show themes including The Golden Girls, Martin, Good Times, and of course The Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

Byron Allen Buys Weather Channel For $300 Million!!

Byron Allen has made a MAJOR money move by purchasing the Weather Channel for $300 million! The former comedian who hosted the 1980s TV show Real People has had tremendous success with his company Entertainment Studios which he founded in 1993. The company produces, distributes, and sells advertising for 32 television series, making it the… Read more »

SNEAK PREVIEW – Shirley Caesar On Unsung!

The story of a Gospel music legend will hit the screen this weekend! The next episode of Unsung will show that there is a whole not more to Shirley Caesar than the “greens, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, and lamb” video that went viral a few years ago. Caesar who has received several huge honors over the… Read more »