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McDonald’s Giving Away Free Fries Through The End Of The Year!

This is no joke! McDonald’s is giving customers FREE french fries through the end of the year! Micky D’s is giving away a free order of french fries to customers who download the McDonald’s app and make a purchace of at least $1.00. The free french fry give away happens every Friday at McDonald’s.

Inside David & Tamela Mann’s Steamy Studio Session!

David & Tamala Mann are in the studio working on their new joint album “Us Against The World: The Love Project”, and as they were recording the song “Ups and Downs” things got a little steamy…at least on David’s part! Tam won’t let me do my part #Usagainsttheworld A post shared by David and Tamela… Read more »

Kobe Bryant is in talks to settle who gets to use Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant is in Talks to Settle Who Gets to Use Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant is in talks to settle who gets to use Black Mamba. Kobe is trying to keep a company called Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals from being able to register the trademark “Black Mamba HYPERRUSH.” Those are diet pills. Kobe filed his paperwork after H-Tech did, but says they shouldn’t profit off his years of making the name valuable…. Read more »