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CNN Crew Arrested While Live on Air in Minneapolis

Can you believe it? Member’s of CNN’s working media were arrested early this morning by Minneapolis State Patrol during the riots.   Why?? Sources say they were custody for an hour before they were released.  The team say they were trying to get out of the way.  What a mess…Lots of prayer is needed right now. … Read more »

Ice T

Ice-T to Contribute to Hip Hop Founders Fund

A short time ago,  Swizz brought up the idea of creating a Hip Hop Fund for the founding members of hip hop. He wants to raise $1 million for each icon that started hip hop. He said, we need to pay taxes to the creatives of Hip Hop that gave us freedom of speech to… Read more »

The CDC Says How You Should Handle Money

Amid the Coronavirus The CDC recommends not using cash. Instead use credit cards, contactless pay or bank online. They also recommend not using ATM’s. Where possible use drive-through ATM’s. If you must use a walk-up ATM take disinfecting wipes with you and wipe the keypad before using it. Once you get your cash use hand… Read more »