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Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~

Life With You © Greg Thung Published: July 2015 You taught me how beautiful life is, Everything from your words, your touch, your kiss. You gave me hope, you gave me love, And I know you were sent from heaven above. The way you showed me the person I could be, It’s something you, and… Read more »

Torrei Hart claps back at Eniko Hart's math

Torrei Hart Claps Back at Eniko Hart’s Math

Torrei Hart claps back at Eniko Hart’s math. I’ll #spillthetea. The Whitney Houston documentary promises to clear up the myth. Mystikal is charged with rape. Thanks for checking out #TonysTea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

Serena Williams cravings have been very very healthy

Serena Williams Cravings Have Been Very Very Healthy

Serena Williams cravings have been very very healthy. Her fiancé Alexis Ohanian says her cravings have been odd. While research says most women crave sweets, Serena’s cravings have been vegetables. Zucchini, asparagus and artichoke are what’s she’s craving according to Alexis. Read more here.

There’s a Petition to Replace a Confederate Statue With One of Missy Elliott

There’s a petition to replace a confederate statue with one of Missy Elliott. Nathan Coflin of Virginia started a petition on asking local Portsmouth politicians to remove the 35-foot Confederate monument from the late 1800s. The statue is for “the Confederate dead of Portsmouth and Norfolk County.” The mayor of Portsmouth wants the confederate statue down. So……More here.