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Breonna Taylor’s Family Calls For Release Of Grand Jury Transcript

Two days after a Kentucky Grand Jury declined to indict three Louisville Police Officers in the death of Breonna Taylor, the late 26-year-old’s family is calling for the release of the proceeding’s transcript. In a press conference on Friday, civil rights attorney Ben Crump said Taylor’s family has the right to know why justice isn’t… Read more »

Cuban Wants Every American to Get $1000 Every Two Weeks for Two Months

He’s self-made billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and Mark Cuban has some thoughts on the ongoing economic hardship many Americans are facing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re not sure if anyone in Washington is listening or not, but he recently told CNBC’s ‘Make It’ on Thursday, that here are “two economies,” or two sets… Read more »