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Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Come Over”

It’s hard not to think of where Aaliyah would’ve been right now if she were still alive.  Also hard not to think of how many more lives she would’ve touched if she were here, however it also seems very evident that her life’s story has been such an inspirational piece of musical history.  Aaliyah had… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “Six Silent Tears”

Six Silent Tears Author: Adrienne Kay Last night before went to bed Thoughts of you filled my head Though I have not cried this way in many years Onto my pillow fell six silent tears The first was for your smile that I miss And your tender lips I long to kiss The second was… Read more »

What Determines Whether Or Not He/She Gets A SECOND Date?

So does the first date have to be absolutely perfect with no flaws?  Does he have to be a perfect gentleman?  Does she have to have the right perfume to satisfy your nose?  What exactly has to happened on that first date to warrant a second? Comment tonight inside The Quiet Storm at 833.999.1057 or… Read more »

Jill Scott Got Drunk and Then Posted a Video for Everybody

Jill Scott got drunk and then posted a video for everybody. Jill Scott is going through a messy, ugly divorce with Mike Dobson. They were married less than 18 months. He reportedly wants half of what she has plus $500,000 for pain and suffering. There is, according to reports of a prenup in place. I… Read more »