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Cheryl Salt James dishes on her new BET reality series Ladies Night


Courtesy of BETTonight, fans will get an up-close-and-personal look at what it’s like to be in a girl group, thanks to the new BET reality series Ladies Night.

The series — which follows SWV and Salt-N-Pepa as they embark on a national tour — also documents the two groups’ struggles and challenges along the way, which Cheryl “Salt” James tells ABC Radio will be relatable to fans.

“You also get to know individual women [and] what they’re going through,”  James says. “Coko [from SWV] was going through a divorce during this show. I had just gotten divorced. So, I know her and I had a moment where a lot of women are gonna be able to relate in that moment watching that show, and it might even minister to them in a way to say that I got through it.”

While being on reality TV isn’t new to any of the acts, James admits that sharing her life on camera is never easy.

“I feel like opening up yourself, for me, was really, really hard,” James says. “I don’t even think I was myself. It was so difficult, but going back and thinking about it — it’s like, there’s things that people can get from it.”

As far as what to expect on tonight’s show, James says it will capture why “it’s hard” to be in a girl group.

“For years being together, and all the clashing, and all the personalities, and all the drama, I think we all can go back to the Supremes and say, ‘We seen what happened there, that played out,'” she explains.

“And so for me, Ladies Night…a lot of that stuff plays out. So you get to understand why it’s a challenge.”

Ladies Night premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET. on BET.

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