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Chrisette Michele Attempts Comeback


Over 2 years after fans abandoned her over a decision to perform at then President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, singer Chrisette Michele is speaking out and trying to make a comeback.

In the midst of it all, she lost a record and distribution deal, and has been singing to empty audiences. In a Washington Post article, she says her fans, former collaborators and even her husband told her not to sing at the inauguration but she “believed the performance would be an opportunity to ‘be a bridge’ in a fractured nation.”

She says, “While I felt like people took so much away from me in those two years, I’m more grateful for finally having time to look at the last 12 and I think that is the bright side. … I want people to know that it’s okay to expect more from me.”

Chrisette was paid $75,000 for the performance and never met Mr. Trump.

Time will tell if she gain her footing in the industry.  Meantime, she released a new album last April called ‘Out of Control.’

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