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Christina Milian reaches back to her childhood to help create new Christmas memories for her children


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With three children, Christmas is a very special time for Christina Milian. This year, the two-time Grammy nominee gave birth to her youngest child, Kenna, who is 8 months old. She also has 1-year-old Isaiah and a nearly 11-year-old daughter, Violet Madison. As she celebrates the holiday, Milian says she’s remembering her childhood to create activities for her kids to enjoy.

“All these kind of fun things to play with their imagination, I think those are things I look back on as a child that helped make me a creative person or a fun person or a happy person,” Christina tells ABC Audio. “So I would love to just create those kind of things for my kids. And yeah, I like Christmas.”

Now 40 years old, Milian began acting in movies in 1999 at age 18, making her feature-film debut in The Wood, starring Taye Diggs and Omar Epps. She launched her music career two years later in 2001, and now she’s celebrating her 20th anniversary as a recording artist.

Over the past 15 years, the versatile entertainer has primarily focused on acting, and since she loves Christmas, she’s enjoyed appearing in several holiday movies.

“I think I’ve done four Christmas movies, and that’s not just because I like to act — I like doing Christmas movies,” Christina says. “I don’t know, something about the season of the year. I think it just really feels good. It’s one of those things you kind of have to look forward to.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Milian appeared in the holiday films Snowglobe in 2007, Christmas Cupid in 2010, A Snow Globe Christmas in 2013, and Memories of Christmas in 2018.

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