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Common and Andra Day Stand Up for Something with new track


Common; ABC/Fred WatkinsCommon and Andra Day‘s new song “Stand Up for Something,” from the upcoming movie Marshall, has arrived at a time in our history when many people are taking a stand against injustice in the world.  

And as Common tells ABC Radio, “We just can’t watch now.”

“Before…some of us felt like things were O.K. and everything is getting better,” he continues.  

“But we see [there are] still some difficulties and challenges out there, and now as human beings, we gotta stand up for humanity.”  

Andra adds, “I truly believe that our purpose as people on this earth, as citizens of this earth, is to serve. So, if you see a need or if there’s something that breaks your heart or you see injustice, then you have to do something or say something.”

She adds, “For me, this song really just means…’it all means nothing if you don’t stand up for something.'”

Common says that the song is “really just an affirmation, and something to inspire any human being to figure out what their purpose is.”

He echoes Andra’s comments, saying, “Purpose is very important in all of our lives, ’cause we all have a greater purpose…[and] I feel like when I hear this song, it makes me want to do something better in life and to do something for others.”

“Stand Up for Something” can be found on the soundtrack to Marshall, which is out now.  

The movie arrives in theaters October 13. 

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