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Dave East talks finding his rap voice in jail and getting Trump out of office immediately


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Dave East is on his grown man ish for this month’s Flaunt Magazine. The Harlem rapper, who released his debut album Survival last year, once dreamed of playing ball, but as he tells the magazine, a short stint in jail led him to change his career plans.

“I really believe when people say that everything happens for a reason, because I think I’m a lot more valuable to the world as an artist than playing ball,” he told Flaunt. “Ball was my love, I probably woulda had this money a lot earlier, but I had to go through that.”

As a former inmate, Dave believes that in order to break the cycle of the broken criminal justice system, we need more people of color in positions of power, such as Meek Mill and JAY-Z.

“I salute that man [Jay-Z] 100% for [working for criminal justice reform] because he don’t have to,” Dave said. “He went out of his way to do that, to have a voice. He’s our voice. I feel like Jay really is a real one for that. I feel like a lot of people later will appreciate what he started.”

The rapper’s daughter Kairi just may: The future he envisions for her involves traveling the world, learning multiple languages, and learning about politics. 

And speaking of politics, East says his next goal is to “get Trump out of office. Immediately,” adding. “I don’t want Kairi growin’ up in the Trump era.”

Already ahead of the game, East brings the summer vibes in “Really Wit Me,” from his upcoming mixtape Karma 3: Thoughts of a Menace. 

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