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Deborah Cox Says Upcoming Album, Work of Art, Is a Celebratory Record


Image Courtesy Primary Wave Music Deborah Cox has given a lot of thought to naming her upcoming album Work of Art. The veteran R&B singer tells ABC Radio that her sixth studio effort embodies her ongoing success in the music industry. 

“I love the title. I think that the song is about self-love, exploring and really honoring and loving who you are, just the way you are,” she explains. “It’s really about praising your individuality and uniqueness, and so I feel, like in this business and in a way that I’m celebrating that uniqueness, being able to be in the game, celebrating 20 years in this music business since ‘Sentimental’ has been out.”

While speaking of her first album in seven years, Cox reflected on all that she’s accomplished in the last two decades. “Having the platform to do Broadway, to performing with great, great recording artists, doing the Whitney film, there have been so many great moments in my life that I’ve been able to celebrate being a unique artist and being able to have all these different platforms, so it’s really a celebratory record,” she says.

So when will fans get to see her live in concert? The singer reveals,  “I’ll be doing some spot dates throughout the spring and then as we move toward the summer, there will be a full tour. We haven’t got all the dates but we will announce them on social media. Y’all will be the first to know.”

Led by the single “Kinda Miss You,” Work of Art is slated to arrive this summer. The set is the follow-up to 2008’s The Promise.

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