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Diana Ross says she lost all the footage of her star-studded 75th birthday party and concert


ABC/Image Group LADiana Ross‘ 75th birthday party was apparently a “one night only” experience.

During a recent Q&A session held following her concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey, attended by Page Six, Ross revealed that she accidentally lost all of the video shot during her star-studded birthday event in March.

“I had a birthday party, but I didn’t just want to have a party for my close friends without having a party with my fans,” the singer told the crowd, referring to her Diamond Diana & Family & Friends 75th Birthday Celebration, held at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

“So I did a show and we didn’t start until midnight, and I did a show especially for you guys, really,” she continued. “That’s what it was all about.”

Ross explained that her birthday was one to remember with a guest list that included the likes of Stevie Wonder.

“We invited a lot of my celebrity friends and so they would get up on the stage and sing with me. You should have seen Stevie Wonder! Was he amazing? He was amazing!” she said. “And Puffy [Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs], and my son, my daughters, everybody performed with me. It was a lovely night.”

However, Ross says that all those great moments that were captured are now lost.

“What happened is I lost the drive,” she revealed. “I can’t find the drive! You know how you film it on a hard drive? I didn’t find it! But it’s not lost, it’s gotta be found somewhere, and then you can see it. You’ll be able to see it. But it was a lovely night.”

As previously reported, Ross’ legendary night included included Berry Gordy, the Kardashian clan and a birthday serenade by none other than Beyonce.

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