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Diddy tells Joe Biden to make his plans clear: The black vote is not for free


ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua

Sean “Diddy” Combs is shouting another message for black voters these days.

With the presidential election only months away, celebrities like himself, Cardi B and others are publicly speaking out about their views on the election and this year’s candidates. Diddy chose to specifically call out Democratic presidential candidate and presumptive nominee Joe Biden sharing a clip from his appearance on Naomi Campbell‘s Livestream show No Filter with Naomi on Instagram. 

“The black vote is not going to be for free,” Diddy said.

“Nothing has changed for black America. In order for us to vote for [Joe] Biden, we can’t be taken for granted like we always are because we’re supposed to be Democrats or because people are afraid of [President DonaldTrump,” Diddy said. “It’s business at this point. You know, we can’t trust politicians.”

“We want to know very clearly. Just like Trump made it clear that he wanted to build a wall, Biden needs to make it clear that he’s gonna change the lives and quality of life of black and brown people,” Diddy continued.  “Or else he can’t get the vote. I will hold the vote hostage if I have to.”

Diddy wants all the smoke continuing in the comments, saying, “To whom it may concern it’s called Black Leverage. This is not for any of you scared to death tom negros.”

Some disagreed, mentioning Diddy’s Vote or Die campaign in 2004, which pushed the message that black votes matter.  Jamie Foxx suggested simply voting based on the candidate’s values.: “There is no way that anyone can live up to what we think should be a candidate because we want perfection,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, radio host Old Mane Ebro decided to dig at Diddy, asking who he voted for in 2016.  At last check, no answer.

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