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Dionne Warwick worried about fans who have her songs on their Spotify Wrapped charts


Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Fashion 4 Development

Spotify just came out with their year-end Spotify Wrapped charts, where users get a rundown of the songs and artists they listened to the most over the past year. If Dionne Warwick is on your list, she is worried about you.

“If I am on your @Spotify Wrapped let me know,” she tweeted. “Most of my songs are sad and I am hoping you’re okay. We can talk about it.” 

And she wasn’t kidding. When one fan commented, “the amount of times i cried to ‘anyone who had a heart’ this year is unhealthy,” she quickly responded, “Go outside and touch nature. I love you. Everything will be okay.” And when another added, “well you know i’m just in between the heartaches 😭 you’re my number 2 mother,” she asked, “How are you feeling?” When the response was Dionne’s song “One Last Memory,” she replied back with a red heart emoji. 

Another fan asked Dionne if she was OK and she responded, “Yes. I am happy and grateful for family.” When a fan let her know that her songs helped her get through life, Dionne was touched and noted, “This is a lovely message. Thank you.”

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