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Drake officially releases new single Toosie Slide


Karwai Tang/WireImageDrake is back!

The Toronto rapper released “Toosie Slide,” his official first lead single of the new year at midnight, giving fans some new music to dance to over the weekend.

Although “Toosie Slide” was just released, it’s already a viral TikTok challenge. That’s because a preview of the song was released by popular social media influencer and producer Toosie on March 29.

In an almost 30-second clip, Toosie models the footwork that goes along with Drake’s latest record. And, if the video wasn’t enough to help fans learn the dance, the lyrics give a step by step tutorial.

“It go right foot up, left foot, slide, Left foot up, right foot, slide,” Drake raps.

Speaking of dance moves, Toosie and fellow producers Hiii Key and Ayo & Teo dished to Rolling Stone on how they came up with the viral moves. 

“Drake hit me up and was like, ‘Yo, I need your help,'” Toosie explained. “So he sends the record. It was just an idea at the time. It was just the hook and a verse. I came up with this dance. [Drake said,] ‘What you think? You think you can come up with a dance for this song that I made?'”

“So I sit down, listen to it,” he continued. “Luckily, I’m at Ayo and Teo’s house with Hii Key and all of us. We all chilling. We came up with it pretty fast. We just all pieced it together. We all contributed.”

“Toosie Slide” is available now for downloading and streaming.  

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