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Dwayne Johnson adorably reveals he repeatedly sings You’re Welcome from Moana for his daughter


Albert L. Ortega/Getty ImagesAs parents finish up a fourth week sheltering at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some are realizing just how easy it is to keep their littlest ones entertained, even if it can be a little repetitive.  Case in point, Dwayne Johnson.

“And for the 937th time today she wants daddy to sing along with Maui,” Johnson captioned in the Wednesday video of him mouthing along the words to “You’re Welcome” from Disney’s Moana as his one-year-old Tiana Gia sits complacently on his lap.

Her eyes are glued to the screen as Johnson holds her arms and cycles them around as he sways along to the song.  Eventually, he becomes so engrossed by the tune, he picks Tiana up and begins bouncing her on his lap, causing her to laugh and smile.

While Little Tiana, who turns two on Friday, doesn’t have the lyrics down as well as her dad, she does adorably sing along during the parts she recognizes.

The Jumanji actor further revealed in the caption that his daughter’s obsession with the character Maui, which he voices in the film, is purely coincidental.  “She has no idea, we’re the same person,” he remarked.

Beyond sharing an adorable daddy-daughter moment to his fans, Johnson revealed to his fellow parents that even he’s starting to feel worn down by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“I have no idea what day it is anymore, but I am sure it’s one that ends with Y,” the 47-year-old admitted before giving his fans a little pep talk.  “To all the mama and papa bears out there going thru it – we understand.  24hr parenting.”

As for his recommendation as to how to stay sane, he hilariously remarked in closing, “Get your sleep and cocktails when you can.”

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