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Ebony/Jet May Fires Digital Staff; May Have Shut Down for Good


The iconic Ebony/Jet magazines which have documented the goings-on of African-Americans since 1945 and 1951 respectively, may have signaled that it has closed its doors for good.

That, after Ebony’s digital team took to Twitter #EbonyOwes, to say they’ve been fired and haven’t received their final paychecks.

In an email sent to USA TODAY,  the magazine’s human resources department said:

Due to a “delay in receiving expected capital,” paychecks from that period would not be sent out.

Joshua David, Ebony/Jet’s former social media director told the newspaper, that’s when the 7 members of  the magazine’s digital team decided to stop working until they were paid, and on June 7, they were fired.  David says he’s owed his final pay check and about $8,000 in other job related expenses.

Ebony also reportedly owes hundred of thousands of dollars to the National Writers Union.

The company former owner, Johnson Publishing filed for bankruptcy in April, but stated that it would not affect operations.

Ebony first hit newsstands in 73 years ago, followed 6 years later by Jet.

(Source: USA TODAY)

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