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Ella Mai loved recording with Pharrell and her favorite rapper, J. Cole: That was an amazing week


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Last week, Ella Mai released her first new single since 2020, “DFMU,” from her upcoming second solo album. The Grammy winner recorded songs for the project with the legendary artist/producer Pharrell Williams, as well as with her favorite rapper, J. Cole.

The British artist says she’s looking forward to working again with the “Happy” singer.

“I definitely hope in the future that we can get back in and make some more stuff, because he’s super fun to work with, and super down-to-earth,” Ella tells Billboard. 

The 27-year-old artist also bonded with Cole, and said she enjoyed sharing her experience attending his 2013 What Dreams May Come Tour in London.

“I cut college class that day and I stood outside. I was 19th in line. I know, because they give you this wristband — so you can leave but you still get your spot. It was freezing cold, but I didn’t care, and I was super front row,” Mai recalled. “I was telling him all my stories. But also as a person, Cole is very inspirational. It’s amazing to be around somebody who is what they portray [to be].”

She says recording with Williams and Cole in the same week was magical.

“I thought this was everything I ever dreamed of. Working with people that inspire me — and it’s weird when I think [about how] people I’m super fans of, are fans of me as well. It’s still a weird feeling for me and I think it always will be,” the “Boo’d Up” singer commented. “I’m just super appreciative that I’m even able to be in these rooms and experience everyone else’s process, as well as putting my process in there too. That was an amazing week for me.”

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