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Erica Campbell Says Help 2.0 Is Refreshed, Re-Vibed, Renewed


Image Courtesy eOne MusicErica Campbell is re-releasing her Grammy-winning album, Help, and she tells ABC Radio it’s worth it for fans to come back and listen again.

Help 2.0 is refreshed, re-vibed, renewed, [with] new voices, new music, new mixes,” she gushes. 

In explaining why she decided to re-release Help instead of putting out a new album, Erica explains, “Well, I wasn’t finished yet. People still need help and they still need hope and [the title] song is still alive and thriving.”

“And especially fresh off of the heels of the Grammy win it’s like you have more eyeballs on that record, so why not give them what they just rewarded me for as opposed to switching up and giving them something new,” she adds.

Erica, who is one-half of gospel duo Mary Mary, says the new album will feature appearances by FantasiaByron “Mr. Talkbox” ChambersJonathan McReynolds and even Jason Crabb.

“I really did re-mix the record and added two new songs,” she says. Those two songs are “More Love” and “I Luh God” featuring Big Shizz.

“[It’s] a little ratchet, but a lot of righteous,” Erica says of the latter track. “But it’s really fun. I just wanted to have fun like [it’s] what I would do if I was just hanging out with my sisters and my home girls, I’d be dancing and singing and this song would probably be what we would be jamming to.”

Erica’s sister Tina, and the other half of Mary Mary, loves the new album too.

“I think it’s like when you go see artists at concerts after they’ve been singing songs for a little while, and everything is like way more intense, and the vamp is hotter, or the way they’re singing the verses and the way they’re singing the leads, everything seems like a better version than the album version,” Tina explains. “She’s just releasing all of that with the help of a bunch of great singers.”

Help 2.0 hits shelves Tuesday.

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