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Erykah Badu teases Sunday’s Soul Train Awards Soul Cypher; remembers loving Soul Train as a kid


ABC/Randy HolmesThis year’s Soul Train Awards kicks off Sunday.   

The show’s host, Erykah Badu, tells Billboard we’re in for an “even better” Soul Cypher during the telecast.

“It gets better each year,” she says.   

“The concept grows. We have another four hard-hitters. When I’m choosing the artists, I’m choosing the ones with crazy vocal skills. That’s what’s really fun about it.” 

The “On & On” singer also recalls watching Soul Train as a kid, the popular music TV series that aired from 1971 to 2006.

“My favorite moment growing up as a fan of the show was Saturday morning, we’d be watching all of the cartoons, and by noon, the cartoons would start to taper off, but we were up by ourselves the whole time, ’cause our parents were asleep on Saturday morning,” Erykah begins. 

She adds, “By 12, 1:00, that’s when Soul Train came on. That’s when adults started wavering into the room and the party got real. We’d be cleaning up while watching Soul Train.” 

“We’re vacuuming, doing dishes, and was pausing in between to watch the artists because all we had when it came to these artists at that time was album covers.” 

You can watch Erykah Badu host the 2017 Soul Train Awards Sunday, November 26 at 8 p.m. ET on BET and BET HER. 

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