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Estelle Encourages Fans to Be Themselves on New Album, True Romance


Photo Credit: Sophy Holland

Next week will see the release of Estelle‘s long-awaited album True Romance, a project that she says was designed for everyone regardless of their relationship status.

The singer tells ABC News Radio what she hopes people take away from her first independently released album, which is divided into four themes: “passion, courage, true romance and the bullsh**.”

“I hope they take away from this, I hope that people understand that it’s OK to be in between,” Estelle says of relationship pressures.”You don’t have to be hemmed up, either way, and even if you are hemmed up, either way, broken up, or breaking up, or married and happily married, it’s okay to keep working on yourself.”

She continues, “It’s OK to to evolve; it’s okay to be passionate; it’s okay to be courageous; it’s okay to chill once in a while and just enjoy being loved and cared for; it’s okay to speak your mind when you need to. It’s alright to just be human and be you.”

The 12-song album, which includes the singles “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)” and “Conqueror,” arrives on February 17.

Estelle will perform on The View on February 18, followed by a guest appearance on Fox’s Empire on March 4.

Here’s the track list for True Romance:

“Time After Time”
“Something Good / Devotion”
“Make Her Say (Beat It Up)”
“Time Share (Suite 509)”
“The Same”
“Fight for It”
“Silly Girls”
“Gotcha Love”
“She Will Love”
“All That Matters”
“Not Sure” (Bonus Track)

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