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Estelle says she’s ready to commit to acting: I’ve been auditioning like crazy


Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BETEstelle may be a Grammy-Award winning artist, but the “American Boy” singer says she’s ready to move on to the next chapter of her entertainment career.

Last year, Estelle released her fifth solo album, Lovers Rock, where she explored the sounds of reggae. Although she’s still passionate about making music, the U.K. native says she’s officially caught the acting bug and is ready to seriously take it on.

“There is a lot of interest in television and film,” Estelle tells ABC Radio. “I’ve been auditioning like crazy and working. I feel like I started a couple of years later than I should have.”

“When I commit to something, I commit and I go so far in,” she adds. “I never want to be, ‘OK, I want to do this,’ and after two years, ‘Mmm, I don’t like it. It’s too hard,’  y’know? I look at all the risks, all of the things, [and say] ‘Do I want to do this? Yes.'”

So far, that approach seems to be paying off for the singer. In addition to guest-starring on Empire, Estelle has landed a role in the forthcoming romantic comedy Back to the Goode Life, starring Kyla Pratt.  And she’s also determined to learn everything about what it’s like behind the camera, in addition to in front of it.

“I’m doing it all,” she continues. “I’ve been working, and trying to learn and really paying attention and learn in the back end — directing and writing, and, y’know, all the things.”

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