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Facebook to Warn Users Who ‘Liked’ Coronavirus Hoaxes


Facebook is about to let you know if you’ve liked, shared or commented on any bogus claims, stories or cures about COVID-19 in order to stop the spread of misinformation. In a few coming weeks, if you’ve liked any type of harmful, debunked content, you’ll get a message from Facebook that will direct you to the World Health Organization’s Mythbusters page. A global advocacy group conducted a study of 104 different Facebook posts between January and March that were verified false by independent fact-checker.  The study showed that the posts were shared nearly 2 million times and had racked up 117 million views.  The group said after they showed the study to Facebook, the company only removed 17 of them. Facebook said they’re working to prevent the spread of misinformation and that the advocacy group’s study “isn’t representative of the Facebook community.”

Who’s at fault for spreading false information on Facebook; the company for not monitoring the site enough or the person who shares the info without fact-checking?

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