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Fantasia Announces New Single, “No Time for It”


Photo by Ethan Miller/BET/Getty Images for BETFantasia is starting 2016 off with a big announcement: new music is on the way.

The singer took to Twitter to reveal that she’s gearing up to release a new single, which is titled “No Time for It.”

“This month my new single will be born and I’m speaking nothing but the truth,” the season three American Idol winner tweeted. “Can’t sleep cause I’ve waited for this moment.. Mind steady racing with ideas.”

Although she remained mum on further details, Fanny has logged studio time with producer Harmony Samuels, who recently had nothing but good things to say.

“Tasia is one of those people who affect my life socially, mentally and emotionally… I mean humongous personality, humongous talent, humongous heart, humongous voice,” he told Idolator in July last year. “I’m so amped about this new album and I’m so excited that she’s about to start again and I think she’s going to have so much to say. It’s gonna be better than the last time.”

 “No Time for It” will be Fantasia’s first release since 2013’s Side Effect of You.

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