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‘Good Trouble”s Zuri Adele talks polyamory and how her character has evolved


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By now it’s no surprise to Good Trouble fans that Malika, played by the talented Zuri Adele, is on a journey of exploring her sexuality, namely polyamory. The topic is one that Adele told ABC Audio she was excited to learn about and credits the writers for helping tackle it respectively. 

“We have some great experts who are in the writer’s room and able to chime in and give a lot of insight on polyamorous practices and, you know, proper vocabulary,” she shared. “And, also just normalizing and humanizing and making sure that we’re not fetishizing or stigmatizing polyamory in any way.”

Polyamory is described by Psychology Today as “the practice of having multiple intimate relationships.” While the definition is clear, Adele notes that these days people aren’t necessarily putting labels on anything. 

“Millennials are so big on not using labels,” the 31-year-old actress said. “So sometimes we are practicing polyamory and not calling it that. In a way that feels liberating, you know, not in a way that’s hiding anything.”

“That’s the thing I love about like our generation too is we’re not so stuck in the boxes of what our lives should look like based on what they were before,” she added. “We’re starting to progress out of that and that’s what Malika seems to be doing.”

In addition to polyamory, in recent episodes Adele’s Malika has begun exploring the idea of a same-sex relationship through a new work crush. However, don’t think her openness to different types of relationships means she’s “tying to be chosen.”

Adele explained, “These are really amazing people who she’s genuinely inspired by and wants to explore relationships with. And I love that she’s given herself permission to do that.”

Good Trouble airs Wednesdays at 10 pm ET. 

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