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Grandmaster Flash praises Drake’s talent: I think he’s a consummate genius


Stewart Cook/CBS

Drake has explored rapping over various kinds of beats over the years, and apparently Grandmaster Flash is a fan. Speaking to Billboard on the Grammys red carpet, he praised Drizzy for his talent and versatility.

“He is probably the only rapper, and I want to speak on his talent because he’s a great rapper, but he’s the only one, in my opinion, that’s daring enough to rap on a trap beat, to rap on a disco beat, to rap on ballad beat,” said Flash. “I would call it like a Prince formula. When Prince makes records, it does not sound like his last record. Drake is daring enough to rap on all different types of beats. I think he’s a consummate genius.”

Grandmaster Flash attended Sunday’s Grammys as not only an artist, but a representative of the hip-hop genre. He took the stage for the special tribute performance honoring hip-hop’s 50th anniversary. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the show, Flash said he was humbled to be an innovator of the genre. He noted that the performance, which featured Method ManQueen LatifahLL Cool J and other hip-hop stars, would be special.

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