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Guordan Banks on His Success: Being Told to Get a Real Job Inspired Me to Work Harder


DeWayne RogersThe success of Guordan Banks‘ number-one hit, “Keep You in Mind,” may have surprised some folks, but not the Philadelphia singer.

“I knew it was a special song. I knew that the people would like it,” he tells ABC Radio.  

“We felt it and we knew that it would go to a high place and knew that it would reach the highest. I guess it all goes back to the music and it all goes back to the sound, and what people wanna hear.”

Banks has become an artist-to-watch in the music industry. But the independent vocalist remembers a time when he struggled to pursue his art and to convince loved ones of his worth as a recording artist.  

“I probably moved to seven, eight homes and [remember] just struggling and trying to find myself and trying to create a movement through my art,” he says.

“A lot of my family and my close friends would say, ‘Man, you need to start thinking about getting a real job.’ I remember them saying that; and I remember every time that they said it, it inspired me to work even harder,” he adds.

With Banks’ debut studio album, Unpopular, slated for release later this fall, Banks hopes his success can serve as a model for others — regardless of whether or not they have musical aspirations.

“I hope that this does inspire people outside of music that have any type of dream, any vision — and they’ll go for it until they achieve it,” he says. 

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