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H.E.R. honors mom alongside all nurses and healthcare workers around the world


Hanna HillierSinger H.E.R. took a moment to praise doctors, nurses and health workers going out of their way to help COVID-19 patients and non-affected patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, like her mother nurse Agnes Wilson

Though her mom primarily works with rehab patients, the Grammy-winning singer tells ABC Audio it’s still tough knowing her mother physically goes into the hospital every day, surrounded by hundreds of COVID-patients fighting for their lives.

“It’s still very scary for me being so far away from her and being that she still has to go to the hospital,” H.E.R. tells ABC Audio. “Just keep her in your prayers and hopefully, we’ll be united soon.”

She also thanked her mother and other healthcare workers for enduring the brave conditions to help others. “This is a very scary time but we’re staying home for them,” she tells ABC Audio.

“We’re just thankful, there some people that are going out of their way volunteering. There’s so much limited supply and limited health care workers and thanks to you for all that you do.”

Aside from working out, cooking and indulging in new books like The Alchemist and Mastery of Love, H.E.R. found it difficult to stay inspired musically around the abundance of concerning news in the media. She said the negativity, fear, and panic was “just killing the vibe.”

After about a week, she picked up her guitar and discovered new music that eventually lead to her at-home jam sessions on Instagram Live. 

Tune into H.E.R.’s Instagram page for her Girls With Guitars weekly series. 

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