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How En Vogue’s Electric Cafe went from EDM to those signature harmony sounds


ABC/Heidi GutmanEn Vogue‘s newest album, Electric Cafe, has finally arrived.   

But surprisingly, En Vogue’s Terry Ellistells ABC Radio that initially, the project started out as an “electronic dance music record,” because, she explains, “It was something we had never done before.” 

But as Terry explains, “During the creative process, the music just started to morph into more R&B, more soul…we got back to our roots. You’re still gonna get the signature sound… because the record was spearheaded by the original producers, Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy. So you’re gonna get those signature harmony sounds still.”  

Terry calls Foster and McElroy the “original” producers of Electric Cafe because many other artists helped to create the long-awaited project, including Raphael Saadiq and Ne-Yo.  

Ne-Yo contributed the song “Rocket,” as Cindy Herron explains:

“Denzil Foster thought it would be a good song for us to record,” she tells ABC Radio. 

“It’s funny, because we decided to record the song, and then we went on tour to Australia, I believe it was last October, and we were on tour with Ne-Yo.”

En Vogue’s Rhona Bennett wants fans to check out two other tracks on Electric Cafe: “Ocean’s Deep” and Life.”

Those songs are unique because, Bennett explains, “It’s just, the three of us, being one voice…We’re singing in unison. And I haven’t heard a group do that in awhile.” 

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