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India.Arie joins the list of those defending Mo’Nique


Courtesy BMGIndia.Arie is defending veteran comedian Mo’Nique, who boycotted Netflix, claiming racial and gender bias, after the streaming platform low-balled her for a comedy special.

In a series of Tweets, Arie tells fans that, while many may not agree with Mo’Nique’s outspoken “method or approach,” the Oscar winning actress is “NOT wrong” in her decision to speak out against inequalities.

“Most people would be surprised to learn of the UTTER NONSENSE black women artist[s] have to accept just to CREATE. @moworldwide,” Arie writes.

She continues, “AND we STILL come thru and light the whole stage up. is RIGHT and BRAVE. And handling it all so well. #respect.”

According to Arie, there is no “right way” for Mo’Nique to approach or address the issues of pay, so instead, she applauds the comedian for “KNOWING shed be subjected to so much hate.”

India then reflects upon her own struggle in the entertainment industry, revealing that she’s also “been called difficult” when she demanded accountability from those around her.

After explaining to followers that Mo’s strife comes from the “black tax,”– which she describes as “the experience that Black people have to work and perform twice as well as White people to get half as much” — as well as the gender pay gap — Arie reiterates her intentions.

“Just to be clear where I stand #ImWithYouMo aaaaannnd Love to all,” she adds.

In addition to the boycott, Mo’Nique has also accused OprahLee Daniels and Tyler Perry of blackballing her from the industry and allegedly spreading rumors that she was difficult to work with after she refused to promote Daniel’s Precious overseas.

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