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Janelle Monae Wants People to Come Together and Vote for Hillary Clinton


Marc Baptiste/Atlantic RecordsJanelle Monae just wants the American people to come together right now — and believes that voting for Hillary Clinton would mark in big step in that direction, even if she isn’t “perfect,” says Billboard

Donald Trump is trying to build a wall. I’m trying to burn walls and build more bridges,” she says.  

“By not voting or not voting for Hillary, you’re voting for Trump. Do I think she’s perfect? No. But we didn’t ask previous presidents to be perfect.”

Monae, who has also previously marched in solidarity with protesters for the Black Lives Matter movement, hopes that her political pursuits might help to encourage others to stop judging and start doing. 

“I’m tired of the constant judgement we have to deal with. I want to do all I can to bring us together,” Monae says.   

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