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Jennifer Lewis Schools Todrick Hall and Brandy on the Meaning of Legend


ABC/Mitch HaasethJennifer Lewis is an acting, singing and performing “legend,” and she’s making sure her fellow artists, Todrick Hall and Brandy, don’t use the term too lightly.

In a Instagram video Lewis shared, the actress introduces Todrick, who stars in Broadway’s Kinky Boots, and Brandy as an “international singing star,” with Toderick interjecting that Brandy is a a “legend.”

Lewis immediately pauses, looks at Todrick with a baffled expression and asks, “who Brandy?” She then goes on to say, “b**** ain’t no legend! I’m the legend in this m***********! You can’t be no legend and you five f****** years old!”

Lewis captions the video, “How you gonna call SOMEONE ELSE #Legend#InMyOwnHouse?! #so#exhausted! frfr#love my @4everbrandy and when we clown. How @todrick survived is a testament to my efforts for #worldpeace! And I love that talented Toddy even tho he throws around “legend” all willy-nilly.”

After the short humorous skit, the three go on to harmonize a capella on the song “But I Will if I Have To.”  It’s already got close to forty thousand views in less than twenty-four hours. 

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